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We're on a motha-lovin' mission to help Colorado moms thrive as people, professionals and parents.

And yet even a village needs its Village.

So, if you love kids, are a champion for moms and can see the brokenness of the systems that "care" for both.... know how much impact your donation can have.


So why moms and not parents?

While we cater to parents of all genders and identities, it is women who are demoted to a lower social class upon having kids.

This cultural blindspot is why moms are so

often overlooked as an "underserved, under-resourced and under-represented" population.*

*Despite an official designation as such by the Dept. of Health and Human Services

Yet the evidence is clear: the health of a society (and its children) is a reflection of how well it cares for those who mother.


The Family Village Foundation is the fundraising arm of Family Village, a childcare, coworking and community cooperative that resources moms of young kids to thrive financially, socially and psychologically. FVF is a fiscally-sponsored project of the 501c3 Players Philanthropy Fund.


What does your contribution to  FVF fund?

Aside from the "radical" idea that raising kids is our collective responsibility?

Family Village doesn't rely on your donations to function –we are profitable based on family memberships alone! 


What your funding empowers is the capacity to serve more families through:

  • Subsidizing memberships for our most systematically-oppressed families

  • Securing start-up capital to meet the growing demand for Family Village in other communities

  • Buffering against fluctuating market conditions without further over-burdening parents

IMG_9674 2 2.jpg

Family Village by the numbers:

  • 5 years in business

  • 250+ families served

  • 85+ active families

  • 2 Colorado locations and counting

  • 13+ employees

  • 264% rate of membership growth

  • $500,000 in capital generated






OF $85,000 GOAL

progress wheel.png


 Here's what your donations make possible for our families.


4 hours of childcare so a mom can build her business


1 month that a family can drop the stress of childcare costs


1 year that a high-needs family can be held in community


1 month of program reserves to power a fledgling Village

See what you have the power to create?


Give today.

Save on tax day.

tax deduction

Make a tax-deductible donation to the Family Village Foundation's fiscal sponsor, Players Philanthropy Fund and itemize those deductions!

*Family Village Foundation (FVF) operates as a project of Players Philanthropy Fund, a Maryland charitable trust recognized by IRS as a tax-exempt public charity under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (Federal Tax ID: 27-6601178). Contributions to FVF are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

*Tax-deductible donations are the most common way to contribute to Family Village... but there IS a second option (see below) that earns you a 50% tax credit.

tax credit

Donate directly to Family Village's child care program and get 50% back from CO's Child Care Contribution Tax Credit. We do the paperwork! LEARN MORE

which is right for you?

Choose the Tax Deduction if you:

  • Itemize your deductions

  • Are a taxpayer from any US state

  • Can independently assess what your tax savings will be

  • Want to donate over $100K

Choose the Tax Credit if you*:

  • Are a Colorado taxpayer

  • Want to donate less than $100K

  • Seek twice the impact for FV at half the cost to you

  • Want to skip a 6% transaction fee

*Active Family Village members are not eligible for this tax credit due to their ownership stake in the business (but their relatives may be)!

Donate Hero Img.png

It's not everyday you get to make choices that are both smart and 'of-the-heart.' Congrats on your win-win moment!

FV Group Shot 2.jpg

"Shouting self-care at people who need community care is how we fail people."

                              –NAKITA VALERIO

Who do your dollars serve and how?

+ Who does FV serve?

The FV leadership and staff identify as follows: 90% mothers, 40% BIPOC, 40% neurodivergent, 30% single-parent, 20% multilingual, 20% teen-mothers, 20% LGBTQ+ and 10% veteran. Community-wide data is coming soon.

+ What makes FV different from similar spaces?

FV fosters are rare degree of community and connection during the early years of parenthood by relying on moms to stay onsite and operating as a cooperative, where moms are the owners of and primary stakeholders in the business. 

+ What makes FV so beloved by its members?

FV alleviates the isolation, stress and overwhelm of nuclear-family parenting and makes it easy to stay socially connected with other adults (without needing to make plans) or wrangle kids on a play date.

+ Why does FV attract so many entrepreneurs?

FV empowers moms to work while in staying in close connection with their kids, without sacrificing one for the other, enabling access to family-friendly entrepreneurial & employment opportunities they’re otherwise edged out of.

+ Do all FV members come for the co-working?

FV appeals as much to stay-at-home parents as to their working counterparts by providing a crucial break from parenting and creating space to get out of the house, socialize, rest, have solo time & find their “spark” again

Meet (y)our moms.


I founded a boutique bookkeeping / financial consulting firm and have grown it from a single owner-operator business to a higher gravity staff of five, with clients as far away as Alaska! I found Family Village a few months after our first child was born and it fit perfectly.

This is Emily

It was such a relief to find a place to not only steal a few rare hours to fully focus on my business, do yoga or take a nap, but to also know that my son was in great hands, making friends and having fun.

The Village has provided so much joy, friendship and practical help for our family over the years. I don't think I could have grown my business the way I have if it weren't for the community here.

Mom of 2 + Founder/Owner
of Rippeteau Consulting

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