Co Working

Running a business from home can be isolating.  And extremely challenging if you have children in the house with you.  Whether you are a full time work-from home parent or just using a few hours of your day here and there to work on your business, staying on task, taking phone calls and having meetings from home can feel impossible.  


Family Village offers a fabulous coworking area for entrepreneurs and remote workers to be productive while their kids are having the time of their lives in Little Village, our onsite childcare area.  We now also offer a “Kidworking” room where parents can get a few things done while their kids play, great for those who use up their 3 daily hours of childcare but still need to get a few things completed.  


In addition, we have created an incredible meet up group called MADE Ready.  MADE stands for Moms Aligning to Drive Entrepreneurship and we are a group of driven and passionate moms who know that running a business while raising a family is a challenge. And that it takes a whole new set of tools, resources and support to make everything happen. And that a huge part of our success lies in our mindset, our community of support and our ability to tap into our own personal magic. We know that standard business operating procedures just don't cut it. So we're connecting to do this differently. We have monthly speakers, weekly work sessions and quarterly retreats that provide both meaty, practical guidance, but also supportive, empowering connections. 


Find out more and get in on our upcoming meetups and retreat here:

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