Family Village Childcare

Wait, so I can't leave my kid and go run errands?!

Exactly, and we think you'll actually love it. Why?

Parents describe LOVING the balance of pace to yourself WHILE also sneaking peaks into your child's world.

  • Onsite, Drop-in

  • Mixed age / Age-range (nurseries, school kids, etc.)

  • Free play

  • Experienced directors

  • Unlicensed / 3 hour max

  • No teacher to child ratio

  • Parents maintain legal responsibility

  • Diaper changes done by parents



  • Meets needs of modern families (flexible, drop-in, not-full time)

  • Builds community (cross pollination of kids & adults)

  • Keeps expenses to a minimum

  • Multigenerational

  • Easeful / gradual transitions for kids & parents separating (especially important for COVID babies)

  • Littles learn from big kids, big kids care for littles

  • Shared care for littles and one another (tagging in for other parents when needed)

  • Parents available to kids when needed

While you’re enjoying your time working, taking a yoga class, taking a nap, or chatting over a cup of coffee, your kids will be down the hall in our Little Village, an incredible indoor and outdoor childcare area.  They will be enjoying an enriching time doing crafts, playing games, listening to story time and, perhaps, participating in a disco dance party.  We have a childcare director with lots of preschool experience, CPR and First Aid Training and best of all a passion for providing your kids with a fantastic experience! She will be supported by parents like you, providing their skillshare hours, who will help entertain, comfort and play along with your kiddos.


The rules of engagement:


Kids can remain in the childcare space a maximum of 3 hours per day (depending on your membership level.)


Kids are still the legal responsibility of parents/ caregivers, which means you must remain in the building and be available via text to change diapers, address medical issues or comfort a particularly behaviorally challenged child. That’s how we can remain licensing-exempt.


At this point, you do not need to make a reservation for childcare, but this may change based on usage patterns over time.


Infants up to around 6 months (or prior to becoming mobile) may remain in the community center spaces with their parents.  We have swings and bouncers and even a bassinet to keep them (and you) comfortable.