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Do you  dream of a place... 

...where you can get a break from your kids?

Get work done without interruptions?

Talk with other adults?

Or simply take a nap? 

You’re not alone.

And you’re not dreaming.

This place exists.

We call it Family Village and we made

it for families just like yours.

We all know
parenting is hard

You’re sleep deprived.

Your kids’ needs always come first.

Your attention is constantly split.

You can't stop worrying.

And despite never being alone, 

you've never felt so isolated & lonely.

Yet now more than ever,

you're expected to keep it together.

It's more than exhausting,

it's a crisis.


But it's not your fault

and it doesn’t have to be like this.


  • Feeling like you can breathe

  • Knowing your kids are getting the love they need (from someone OTHER than you!)

  • Having someone else cook a meal or change a diaper for you

  • Not needing to be “put together” to feel safe and welcomed somewhere

  • Getting out of your house and having a place to go that still feels like home

You're not crazy
for wanting these things...

...what's crazy is parenting
without a village

We all want what's best for our kids but

what kids need most is parents who are ok.

Family Village is about more than raising kids.

We're about raising up parents.

Going it alone is impossible... but

impossible doesn't have to be your reality.

the village you've been dreaming of is real.

And it can be yours too.​


Family Village is so much 
more than  the sum of its parts

We offer an innovative fusion of

co-working, childcare and community spaces for

work-from-home, stay-at-home and student parents

to find the work-life balance they crave


self care & sanity

Get quality “me-time” you so desperately need (while your kids get the love and socialization they need) so you can go home feeling refreshed and present. 

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home-like vibes

Enjoy spaces that feel like home without the guilt of ignoring your kids or piles of dirty laundry (we do require pants for your Zoom calls though).


community care

Share meals, milestones and the mundane magic of parenthood with people who understand and relax into knowing that you’re not alone.


adult friendships

Get to know other adults without going on a playdate where you just end up chasing your kid the whole time. Extra bonus? Befriending one another's kids!


drop-in childcare

Show up when it’s convenient for you (meaning no more screaming at your kids and forcing them into shoes or car seats to get out the door on time)!


business building

Get support in balancing the demands of parenthood and entrepreneurship (or whatever you dream of building) without compromising one for the other.

Family Village was started and is run
by moms just like you.

Founder Melanie Hekkelman-Piazza came up with the idea for Family Village while raising an infant and 3 year old AND caretaking her terminally ill mother (in a town she'd just moved to). Fueled by desperation, isolation and rage, she gathered like-minded mothers and set to work building the space of her dreams. Within six months, the doors were open and lives were being changed. Three years and 140+ families later, Family Village continues to buck the status quo of childcare and parenting norms. 

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Don’t just take our word for it...

"Family Village made me excited to wake up in the morning. I would have gone crazy from isolation as a mom without this place! Now it's my home away from home." – Emily W.

did we mention...

The free coffee and tea? Like, all day everyday?


The scenic setting with mountain views?​


The fast, free wifi?


Our cozy loveseats?


Or that you're going to overhear legendary bathroom conversations (like a kid who insists on flushing their toot)?

Having a Village is priceless
but that doesn't mean it will be pricey.

It won't cost you your first born child, we promise.

FV web pricing imgs-01.png

$188 / month


  • Unlimited space use (for 1 adult)

  • 12 hours childcare 

  • Free WiFi

  • Free coffee & tea

  • Flexible childcare drop-off times

  • Ability to be available for your kid

FV web pricing imgs-02.png

$322 / month


  • Unlimited space use (for 1 adult)

  • 30 hours childcare 

  • Free WiFi

  • Free coffee & tea

  • Flexible childcare drop-off times

  • Ability to be available for your kid

FV web pricing imgs-03.png

$544 / month


  • Unlimited space use (for 1 adult)

  • 60 hours childcare 

  • Free WiFi

  • Free coffee & tea

  • Flexible childcare drop-off times

  • Ability to be available for your kid

If you've gotta feel it to believe it...
schedule your private tour!


Family Village is the kind of place
you can't believe 

It is the ultimate fusion of

co-working, community and childcare spaces.

It's a place that feels like home...

but somehow better.

And while the promise of work-life balance

is what gets most Villagers in the door,

what keeps us coming back is the feeling of

  being known & 
not so alone.

Schedule your  tour!

Thank you for requesting a tour! A Villager will respond to your request within 48 hours.

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Schedule a tour
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Where we're 

Looking for a Village
near you?

We are seeking partners to join

us in opening additional locations throughout Colorado. If you see the need for a Village in your area, let's connect! Email us to get the conversation started.

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